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Monaco to give up to €6,000 to eco-friendly businesses and restaurants

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Mairie de Monaco

As the furlough scheme, created last October, comes to an end on the 31 March the Princely Government will continue to provide financial support to struggling businesses. A brand new grant will be made available to eco-friendly companies and restaurants encountering economic difficulties due to Covid-19.


Greengrocers, bakers, florists, hairdressers… these are just some of the 80 eco-friendly businesses and restaurants able to claim this brand new grant. Launched by the Princely Government, this financial aid will help companies stay afloat and hopefully reboot the economy, after it has been so badly affected by the pandemic and the safety measures required to fight against it.

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Encouraging sustainable consumption in Monaco

The certifications “Responsible Trading” and “Responsible Restaurant” were created by the Department of the Environment and the organisation “Écoscience Provence” in 2017 and 2020 respectively. The idea is that traders and restaurants can display them, so that consumers know which businesses are committed to eco-friendly practices. It is the Principality’s mission to reduce plastic waste and greenhouse gases, so these certificates guide consumers to making more sustainable choices: reducing waste, single-use plastics and supporting the local economy.

3,000 and 6,000 euros available to each company

In order to support these eco-friendly businesses, the Princely Government will be offering them financial support of up to 6,000 euros. Any company in possession of one of these certificates will be eligible for the grant, but the total amount received will depend on the extent of their eco-friendly practices.