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Covid-19: Four restaurants close after breaching safety rules

Ha╠łagen Dazs Monaco
H├Ąagen Dazs

Several restaurants in the Principality have been caught breaching Covid-19 safety measures, and as a result, have been forced to temporarily close for a few days. Authorities found people were not wearing masks, alcohol was being served to go and customers lacked the necessary documents allowing them to dine at lunchtime.


Two restaurants, La Bionda and Ap├ęro Pizza, as well as the H├Ąagen Dazs ice cream shop and the restaurant in the gym Club 39 have all been forced to close their doors for several days. Each one of these establishments was found to have been violating Covid guidelines, despite many reminders having been issued by the the local police during previous controls.

A four to seven day closure

What exactly were the establishments doing wrong? Authorities have reported that people were not wearing masks, alcohol was being sold to go, customers did not have the necessary paperwork needed to dine at lunchtime and legal opening hours were not being respected. Whilst Ap├ęro Pizza and La Bionda have been told to close for four days, the restaurant at Club 39 and the H├Ąagen Dazs ice cream parlour have received a harsher punishment: a seven day closure.

Unfortunately, these are not the first establishments to have been found in breach of Covid-19 safety measures. Last March, the local authorities decided to temporarily close three other restaurants for similar reasons: Beef Bar, Tre Scalini and Pulcinella.

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