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Monaco’s taxi drivers unhappy about recent government decision

Romain Boisaubert / Monaco Tribune

Angrily protesting against a recent government decision, 51 taxi drivers in Monaco drove slowly around the Grand Prix circuit this week.

It was at 2.30pm on Monday 19 May that Monegasques taxi drivers set off from the heliport in Monaco. This protest comes as a result of disagreements between the government and the organisation for independent taxi drivers in Monaco (AETIM).


The protests were prompted by frustrations amongst drivers arose after the government allowed a certain number of foreign taxis to operate in the Principality, knowing that some of them “have attracted unwanted attention from the police in the past,” as Christope Bovini, President of the organisation, explained in a recent statement.

11 new licensed taxis

The Prince’s Government has given a license to 11 foreign taxis meaning they are now allowed to offer their services to customers in Monaco. As well as their annoyance about this increased competition on the market, Monegasque taxi drivers have also made clear their views about the lack of security measures for French private hires. Currently, taxis in Monaco are controlled at least once a year, as well as being tracked via GPS and before starting to work, new drivers must undergo a security check from the police, but none of these rules apply to private hires from France.

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Monegasque taxi drivers want the government to respect the principle of national priority. They also want more help with overcoming the financial losses caused by Covid-19, despite the government having already launched a voucher service, Ticket Taxis+, to help boost businesses.