What does it mean to be a freelancer in Monaco today?

freelance work Monaco

Monaco’s official statistical body (IMSEE) has recently published a report to provide a better understanding of self-employed workers in the Principality. 5,297 people were registered as freelancers at the end of last year.


According to IMSEE’s report, there was a 3% increase in the number of freelancers in 2020 compared with 2019, as well as a 3.6% rise in new activities. On average, freelancers were 50.7 years old, working mainly as wholesalers or in specialised areas such as advertising, design and photography.

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A male-dominated environment

Women remain very underrepresented among self-employed people in Monaco. On average, 28% of freelancers are women, which equates to just 1487 people. Self-employed women work mostly as beauty specialists and hairdressers. They account for 81% of all freelancers in these sectors. Only the paramedical sector is showing some signs of an equal workforce with 52.1% of independent workers being women and 47.9% being men.

Over 80 different nationalities

People from a whole host of different countries are employed as independent workers in Monaco. French people make up around 1,540 workers, or 29% of freelancers, followed by Italians coming in at 24.9% and Monégasques totalling 14%. As well as this, Brits and Belgians make up 10% of all freelancers between them.

Freelancing during the pandemic

Since the pandemic began, the Princely Government has been offering financial support to businesses impacted by the health crisis, including freelancer workers. Last year, the Economic Recovery Support Commission (CARE) helped nearly 300 different projects run by independent workers.