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Covid-19: Monaco eases more restrictions from 12 June

Monaco Tribune

New Covid measures will come into force as of this Saturday.

Following suggestions from the National Council about easing certain┬árestrictions, the Prince’s Government has announced they will implement some of their changes. Whilst Covid figures are improving in the Principality, the new rules reflect the importance of remaining vigilant.


A new curfew is in place, pushed back to 11pm until 6am. Anyone dining in restaurants will have an extra 15 minutes to make it home after the curfew too. As ever, they will need to fill in a form explaining why they are out past 11pm.

It remains compulsory to wear masks outdoors, regardless of the amount of people present.

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As for having to work from home, the Prince’s Government is putting their trust in employers and their staff. From now on, they are the ones to decide whether it is appropriate to go into the office or not, since distance working is no longer compulsory.

More freedom for the hospitality sector

All restaurants in Monaco may now serve guests living in the Alpes-Maritimes department, as well as those from the Liguria region (up to San Remo) in Italy. A limit also remains on the number of diners per table, but this has increased from 6 people per group to 8. As for social distancing, only a 1 metre gap needs to be left between tables, instead of the previous 1.5 metres.

Bars, cafes and tea rooms will also benefit from these new rules. Whilst they must continue to offer guests table service, they no longer have to stick to restricted opening hours.

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Covid passports: a work in progress

Since April, the Prince’s Government has spent a lot of time working on these documents. Very soon, the so-called Covid passports will be available to everyone living in the Principality and will be rolled out all over Europe at the start of July.

In the next few days the Government will release more specific details about the Covid passports.