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From French students to the private sector : here are the latest statistics on Monaco’s schools

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Get your pencils and calculators out, we’re taking a closer look at the latest IMSEE statistics on education demographics in Monaco.

We’ll begin with maths. On 31 December 2020, there were 6,267 students enrolled in Monaco’s schools. 68,4% of the students were enrolled in state schools, while 31,6 % went to private ones. Compared to last year, private schools have seen a 3,6% increase in students, while state schools have suffered from a 1,6% drop in enrolment numbers.


The François d’Assise–Nicolas Barré school comes top of the list, with 1 127 students, i.e. 18% of all enrolled students. The school teaches from pre-school to high school, which accounts for such high enrolment numbers.

Follows closely the Collège Charles III with 1094 students, while the Lycée Albert 1er and its 802 students claim third place.

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Monaco’s students are mostly French

We now move on to geography. Most students enrolled in Monaco live in the Principality (68.7%). 23.8% of students come from neighbouring communes (ex: Beausoleile, Cap D’Ail) and 7.6% from beyond the neighbouring communes. The majority of pupils attending Monaco’s schools are French (37.8%), followed by Monegasques (18.6%) and Italians (14.1%).

We’ll end with a short lesson in biology: among the 1 063 employees of Monaco’s schools, which include 594 teachers, women account for 65.4% of employment.

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