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How to become one of Monaco’s firefighters

Monaco Fire Brigade

As Monaco’s Fire Brigade launch their new recruitment drive, here is how you could become the Principality’s next firefighter.

Whilst anyone joining Monaco’s Fire Brigade will have to honour the team’s motto of “bravery, dedication and sacrifice”, joining the ranks is not a right reserved for everyone.


In order to make an application to become a junior firefighter, there are certain criteria you must meet. Candidates must be single, have no children, and be aged between 19 and 27. In addition, they must be between 1.60 metres and 1.90 metres tall and have at least GCSEs or equivalent. Finally, applicants must have had military training or served in the French army.

Medically fit to fight

Fitness is also important, so candidates need to be in good shape, know how to swim and also have excellent eyesight. After the first round of selection, successful applicants must complete aptitude tests based on swimming, endurance, sport and balance.

If you want to take on the challenge, you need to send in a handwritten CV and cover letter before the 30 July. For more information on the recruitment process, visit the Brigade’s website.

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