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Monaco’s summer sales: local businesses need you!

Simon Zwierniak / Discounted clothes in BYK store

Shop windows across Monaco are boasting impressive discounts but walking through the streets feels almost like a ghost town. Whilst the latest garments are ready for the taking, shop assistants are disheartened by the lack of footfall this year.

“It’s very quiet. We’ve had four Monégasque people buy clothes in two days. That’s it,” said one saleslady working for Monte-Carlo Fashion on Rue Grimaldi. Multi-coloured garments and sparkly dresses adorn the window, yet the eye-catching display and 50% reductions seem not to be drawing in the crowds.


“Cruises, well, you just don’t see them anymore,” said a lady working in Men Store Monaco, selling discounted clothes from XS all the way to 4XL. As tourists usually account for the bulk of the profits, businesses are relying on locals more than ever, now that travel restrictions are preventing the crowds flocking in from far and wide.

Local businesses need you

After such a difficult year, it is more important than ever to shop locally. Further down Rue Princesse Caroline, the owner of a children’s clothes store explained how “people are using Amazon so much these days and with everyone working from home, nobody pops in over lunch to buy things anymore.”

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“Just look outside, the streets are empty… this isn’t what the sales usually look like,” revealed another lady, trying to entice customers with a 30% discount in the shoe store Capucine’s.

Monte Carlo Fashion Store  © Simon Zwierniak

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Walking past Fashion Market, whilst sparkly shoes glisten in the summer sun, neither they nor the 70% banner in the window is enough to attract customers. Peering through the glass, employees are patiently waiting for locals to come and snap up the bargains.

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Prices dropping every week

From bikinis to baby grows, handbags to hats, there is a bargain for everyone waiting to be found in Monaco’s local shops. Gesturing to rows of unsold handbags, most with a 50% off price tag, the sales assistant in Legend leather goods hopes business will boom in the coming days. “Fingers crossed there will be more people here tomorrow, especially with Jumping International,” she smiles, hopeful that the events taking place this summer will help drum up business.

Brighten up your wardrobe

Why not pop into Sandro and add some colour to your wardrobe this season? Bright oranges and yellows jump out from the rails with everything from dresses to skirts to accessories on offer. In need of some new heels to party in this summer? Monaco has the shop for you! Whilst there is already a “great discount” available, prices will reduce every week, with even bigger cuts coming between the 6 to 10 July, according to the floor assistant. A few doors down, BYK have their own collection of clothes on sale too, offering a 30% to 40% reduction on most items.

So, keep an eye on the shop windows this summer and head out to grab yourself a bargain!

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