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Entreparents, supporting mums and dads in the Principality

Entreparents Monaco

Entreparents is a new parenting support concept that aims to assist new and future parents in Monaco and neighbouring towns. Their objective? To connect parents with each other and with the services around them.

The “WonderMums”, modern superheroines

The project is the brainchild of a mother, Johanna, and above all her son Louis. “This birth has given meaning to my life and everything I do,” she explains. As a young mother, it was a real “emotional alarm” when she found out Louis had congenital torticollis. What should she do? Who should she contact? Thanks to her curious nature and good stress management, Johanna was able to contact the right people and after a year of rehabilitation, Louis is doing great. Nevertheless, his mother, through discussions with professionals and parents, has noticed that many have felt like her before: isolated and ill informed.


So she got together with two “WonderMums”, Clémence, mother of two children, and Émilie, mother of one child, who joined the project. Together, they shared a poll on their networks to identify the various concerns of parents. Out of the 430 participants, the same finding emerged: lack of information and isolation. Another problem that surfaced concerned foreign parents living in the Principality, such as Anna, who wanted to participate in the project. For this mother of three children, it was an added burden to find information in a city where the systems are different from those she is used to.

An application to connect parents in the Principality

It is in this context that they created “a connected and intuitive tool of public interest”. An all-in-one mobile application by parents for parents to address issues surrounding childhood. Three features are planned.

The first is a discussion forum where parents can ask questions or offer advice at any time. Professionals will also contribute to the conversation. This will allow parents to be grouped according to different criteria, such as the number of children, their ages, pregnancy or the language spoken.

There is simply a lack of communication between services and parents.

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Next, the “step by step” area will serve as an overview for parents. Still in the works, the idea would be to have a timeline recounting all the key moments of childhood, “from the various medical appointments to the organisation of the baby’s home”. This section will allow parents to have the right contacts and professionals throughout each stage. A way of “building bridges, creating links, working together and valuing professionals, institutions and all the organisations that are already doing things to help parents in their role as parents”, explains Johanna.

The third feature of the app will be an events calendar to “enhance everything that exists. There is simply a lack of communication between services and parents. We’re not here to reinvent things, we’re building on things that already exist”. The little extra novelty is that parents will also be able to organise “playdates”. This means that parents can contact each other and create something beyond the digital platform.

The prototype of the app is complete and the four mums are waiting on fundraising. If all goes well, the app is expected to be released by the end of 2021.

To follow the adventure, join them on Facebook or Instagram.