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First filmed interview with Princess Charlene since her absence

HSH Princess Charlene - Instagram @hshprincesscharlene

The Princess opened up about her potential return.


On Monday 2 August, during an interview with South African radio station 702, reposted with the video by the Daily Mail, Princess Charlene was reassuring about her health. She said she “felt well“.

She has to stay in South Africa due to complications following her operations, namely a sinus lift and a bone graft in her jaw. Unfortunately, her return will have to wait: “I cannot force healing so I will be grounded in South Africa until the end of October“. The main difficulty remains flying above 3,000 metres, which could aggravate her problems.

Missing her family

Despite her health gradually recovering, the Princess stressed that the distance is hard to deal with: “I can’t wait to see them again, I can’t wait to see my children“.

The Prince’s wife said that “It’s the longest period I’ve actually been away from Europe, let alone my children“, insisting that she is in a “terribly frustrating” situation.