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Readers share their views on The Maybourne Riviera, the new luxury hotel overlooking Monaco

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Maybourne Hotel Group

The huge project has been beyond bothersome for local residents, especially due to the traffic congestion it has caused.


The 5-star hotel has been a contentious issue since construction began in 2016, particularly for its legal problems. Following our article on its opening, we have gathered some of your feedback.

One little earthquake and it’ll be the end of all the smoke and mirrors

End of an era

“They should have kept the name VISTAERO, it was classic and the name was perfect,” says Frédérique.

Indeed, the Vista Palace was bought by the Irish-Qatari Maybourne Hotel Group, which renamed it The Maybourne Riviera. A change that did not please everyone.

“Too much pomp and grandeur and I would have kept the V and the name Vistaero, it was iconic,” says Thierry. The V, which was part of the building’s old architecture, was also removed.

In the past, the Vistaéro was a tearoom. © All rights reserved
Vista Palace Hotel before the renovation © Mossot/Wikipedia Commons

Another “eyesore” or a “beautiful and luxurious achievement”

“Another eyesore!” Strong words from Maud, conveying a general sentiment about this perched piece of luxury. “A really ugly hotel on the outside… It reminds me of offices in La Défense”, Serge adds with his personal reflection on the architectural style. Tastes and colours clearly differ, as Flo finds the building “wonderful” and that it “blends very well into the landscape.”

In response to criticism of the “billionaires’ den” look, Etienne provides some much-needed nuance. “I’m a local resident and this magnificent work replaces the old Vistaero! I saw it rebuilt and I think the result is excellent! I’m annoyed by the moaners who are never happy! The world is changing and being rebuilt and it’s a symbol of that! Congratulations to the builders and engineers!”

A feeling shared by Justine, who recently saw the building. “I went by last night and it’s beautiful.” Estate agency Rivoli congratulates this “very beautiful and luxurious achievement.” Whilst Denis stresses that “the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Pyramid and other buildings were criticised and then became landmarks.”

Overlooking Monte Carlo, the overhanging giant worries inhabitants. “One little earthquake and it’ll be the end of all the smoke and mirrors,” claims Figobé.

The former Vista Palace with its iconic V © Wikipedia Commons

Is the hellish situation for motorists finally over?

The main problem was the traffic jams created by the work. “They’ll have done us in… With this work… traffic jams every morning and diversions… We deserve at least one free night to see what we think…” laments Michael.

“An ecological disaster!!!! Not to mention the exceptions and the employees’ vehicles parked dangerously with impunity along the Grande Corniche!” comments Laurent, underlining the discontent about the works and the trucks parked despite the grey areas surrounding the Natura 2000 site.

A boost for the local economy

“This is a very fine achievement, allowing the towns bordering Monaco to also benefit from its clientele,” Fabien points out. Thus, one very positive aspect surfaces, well summarised in an email from our reader Sergio. “High-end establishments often become business drivers: employees benefit from high quality cooking and maintenance.” The Maybourne Riviera is expected to create around 120 jobs per year.