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COMPETITION: Your 2021 Halloween contest photos

concours halloween

Creepy costumes, gruesome jack’o’lanterns and spooky snacks… Monaco Tribune readers really threw themselves into the Hallowe’en celebrations. Here’s a scary selection of some of the frightening photos we received. 

Ghosts of every size

Children and their parents got all dressed up to go out trick-or-treating. Carine, Gaelle and Florence joined in with their families. Spooky costumes, bloody makeup or terrifying masks… no effort was spared to celebrate the best of Halloween, with decorations to boot!


Terrifying treats

Our readers also got into the ‘spirit’ in the kitchen! Stéphane’s pumpkin pie, Manuela’s pretty orange biscuits or Aurélie’s bloody aperitif: there was something for everyone! As for Audrey, she showed us her highly decorated table with a very strange bottle…

Jack O’Lanterns to light the dark!

If it’s Hallowe’en there’s obviously got to be pumpkin! Our readers sent in pictures of their works of art. While Elodie and Gaelle shared photos of their hand-crafted ghoulish lanterns, Manuela opted for an original and humorous version, taken at the harbour.

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Fearsome four-legged creatures

Who said Hallowe’en is just for humans? Our readers even got their pets involved, like Claire who posed in a La Casa de Papel costume alongside her chihuahua, Carine who gave a ‘cutting edge’ accessory to her French bulldog, or Nadine who had her little dog strike a pose with a pair of pumpkins.

And the winner is…

Dina Schweiz is the winner of this Hallowe’en contest – she included costume, make-up AND animals! She spent October 31 in the company of her cleverly disguised dogs!

It was really difficult to choose, and the entire Monaco Tribune editorial team would like to thank the competition participants for entering. How about you, which photo would you have chosen?

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