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What brands do you miss the most in Monaco?

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A new Lacoste store has just opened, at 5 Avenue JF Kennedy. But many of you miss your favourite shops in the Principality since they closed down.

So you told us on our Facebook page. Starting with the latest Monegasque institution of note to close: Stars’N’Bars. Although the legendary and much-loved restaurant closed down a year ago, many of you are still saddened by its loss, like Mimi and Cécile.


The worst hit are places where people gather to have fun and socialise. Philippe regrets the closure of the Piedra del Sol restaurant, Caterina misses Marco – La Rose des Vents and Claudine remembers celebrating birthdays at La Spiaggia. Isabelle laments the closure of a Greek restaurant on rue des Iris and the lack of diversity, with a glut of Italian restaurants.

Nightclubs were also mentioned. Former party-goers like Alex and Riccardo miss The Living Room and Tiffany’s. Good news for Georges, Moods, which closed down in April 2011, should be reopening in the autumn under a new name: the New Moods. A few great nights out in store!

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Fewer and fewer affordable shops?

The Caroll store, rue de la Turbie, is also much missed. Good news, however, it should reopen in September in the Carrefour shopping centre. Generally, Monegasques seem to be missing the ready-to-wear brands. Whether it’s Morgan, Minelli, Mango or Camaïeu, former customers like Marie, Claudine and Karine would like their favourite stores back.

As well as clothing and restaurants, several furniture brands have recently shut up shop, and are missed by many people. Habitat, Fly and Bo concept have all closed in recent years. This is something Claudia rues when she says “there are no home furnishing stores left in Monaco.”

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