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Stars’N’Bars closure: (sad) reactions from regulars

© Stars'N'Bars

Hundreds of people reacted on social networks in the first few days after the announcement.. 

“So sad! An iconic establishment in Monaco. So many memories of my youth.” This one comment encapsulates the feelings of those who knew the Star’N’Bars. On 27 January, one of the Principality’s most popular restaurants will be closing down for good, after 30 years in business.


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Internet users’ comments are also about the two founders of Stars’N’Bars. “So many great memories with Kate and Didier,” they say. Kate Powers and Didier Rubiolo created the restaurant in 1993 and were largely responsible for its popularity.

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Didier Rubiolo, whom we interviewed when the closure was announced, admitted that “it’s pretty hard to keep the restaurant going by yourself.” His partner, Kate Powers, died at the end of the summer of 2021. On social networks, the co-founder of the establishment made an impression on many customers: ” Many memories from our youth there, especially of Kate and her impeccable welcome and smile from ear to ear.”

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“A special thought for Kate who is sorely missed! A page in the history of the Quai Antoine 1er is being turned, good luck to Didier and all his team for the new project: we will be there,” commented another customer of the restaurant.

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The regulars also learned that Didier Rubiolo would not be leaving the restaurant business, nor even the Quai Antoine 1er. A new venue will be created. “I think it will be a veritable rebirth. We shouldn’t live in the past. One door is closing and another will open. We will hold on to good memories,” one internet user said.

The early customers particularly remember the atmosphere in the restaurant from the moment it opened. “The best place to party in Monaco in the 90s. I had some great times. Thank you.” “What a shame! I have known the place for 28 years!” and a little more recently, “So many memories there, video game arcades, games of pool, Long Island Teas, birthdays, Blues bar nights, superbowls and hundreds of drinks,” commented a young regular.

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Nearly 450 comments were posted on social networks after the announcement of the imminent closure of Stars’N’Bars. The venue will certainly have provided many customers and regulars with good memories.