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PHOTOS. The Monegasque athletes give us a tour of the Olympic village

For Damien Desprat, the head of the delegation, "the atmosphere in the village is friendly without being overbearing" – © COM

The Olympic Village is an underground network, meaning athletes can eat or train without having to go outside.


Despite the very strict sanitary measures in place, the Monegasque competitors in the Winter Olympics are making the most of the Olympic Village in Yanqing, located 75 kilometres northwest of Beijing, where travellers can enjoy the thermal springs, national parks and ski resorts. A bit of R&R to recover from the stress of competition.

It is in this calm and serene atmosphere that athletes and team members are housed. “We obviously had some preconceptions. We are very pleasantly surprised. We quickly got used to the Covid measures (daily oral test) and everything is really working out well. Everything has been thought out and organised with the athlete’s wellbeing in mind”, the Monagesque delegation stated in a press release, describing the atmosphere as  “friendly without being overbearing.”

And with good reason: with a refectory that provides 24-hour service with food from all over the world, a gym and treatment rooms, the athletes can make the most of the experience.