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Polar regions on view at the Jardins Saint Martin

Fondation Prince Albert II

Slovak photographer Filip Kulisev’s fabulous shots are on display on the garden’s railings.

To portray nature’s beauty and raise public awareness of environmental issues. This is the objective of the “Polar Planet” exhibition, unveiled by the Prince Albert II Foundation. 40 shots by photographer Filip Kulisev will be exhibited until February 28.


“Despite the harsh conditions, the cold weather, and considerable discomfort, I enjoy the polar regions of the Earth immensely. It is fascinating to be able to photograph hundreds of thousands of penguins in one place on South Georgia and polar bears floating on icebergs searching for food“, said the artist and founder of the Amazing Planet website.

© Fondation Prince Albert II

With more than 200 exhibitions to his credit around the world, Filip Kulisev illustrates both the hidden beauties of our planet and how essential it is to preserve it, starting with the polar regions, whose protection is one of the key battles fought by the Prince Albert II Foundation.

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