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Positive early results for Operation Carlo 2021

Carlo App
Benoit Sorre

The number of daily transactions since December 1 is double the previous year’s level.


Monaco Tribune readers had already shared their feedback : the general opinion is that the Carlo application is very popular in the Principality. And to boost the local economy, the Prince’s Government was keen to relaunch Operation Carlo at the end of 2021.

10,000 civil servants, state and municipal employees, retired civil servants and non-medical staff from the CHPG received an exceptional bonus, from 350 to 650 euros, converted into vouchers on the application and valid until March 31 in Monegasque shops.

Two and a half months after the launch, the results are very positive. According to the Government, of the 6.5 million euros contributed by the Principality, more than 4 million have already been spent in the 395 participating businesses.

Overall, daily transactions are double those of 2020. In total, the application shows a record number of 96,000 transactions, representing 9 million euros pumped into the local economy, half of the total amount coming from the exceptional bonus.

It should also be noted that, thanks to the 5% cash back generated by each purchase, another 630,000 euros are available for use in participating stores.

A virtuous circle, according to the Government, which not only supports the local economy, but also boosts users’ spending power, despite the health crisis.