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Terminal 1 at Nice Airport to open again

Nice airport resumes flights to 20 destinations

52 destinations will be available in 29 countries.

It is an eagerly-anticipated reopening! After two years of closure (with a brief summer respite) due to the health situation, Terminal 1 at Nice airport will be operational again from 27 March.


52 destinations will be served in 29 different countries, including France. Four new airlines will be introduced: Condor, Icelandair, United Airlines and Gulf Air.

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20 shops and 14 restaurants will be ready to welcome guests at Terminal 1, including two new features: the ‘Emily & The Cool Kids’ cookie and coffee shop and the streetfood-style seafood restaurant Lobsta. You can find both on the town side, as you step off the tram.

On the runway side, you can once again indulge yourself at Thierry Marx’ La Plage bar/restaurant , located next to the toboggan.