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Presidential elections 2022: Who did the Prinicipality’s French voters pick in the first round?

French Home Office

2,392 voters turned out at the polls out of 5,185 registered voters.

A turnout of barely 46%, almost ten points less than in 2017. On Sunday 10 April, more than 2,000 French citizens living in Monaco expressed their opinion, even though there was a higher abstention rate than in the last presidential elections. But for whom did the majority of residents vote?


The leading duo in Monaco will be the one to face off in the second round on April 24. Emmanuel Macron (LREM) came first with 789 votes, followed by Marine Le Pen (RN), with 568. But unlike in France, where the score was so close between the far right and far left that it almost changed at the last minute, Eric Zemmour (Reconquête) came third with 426 votes.

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The gap then widens, with the number 4, Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI), earning 157 votes. Valérie Pécresse (LR) and Yannick Jadot (EELV) came close behind with 144 and 113 votes respectively.

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At the bottom of the list, as in France, we find Nicolas Dupont-Aignant (DLF, 72 votes), Jean Lassalle (Résistons, 51 votes), Anne Hidalgo (PS, 17 votes), Fabrien Roussel (PCF, 15 votes), Philippe Poutou (NPA, 10 votes) and Nathalie Arthaud (LO, 4 votes).