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Zhang Zhang receives the Jean Pierre-Bloch Prize from Licra

Marco Strullu - From left to right : Axel Hoppenot, Francis Szpiner, Elizabeth Moreno, Prince Albert II, Zhang Zhang, Claude Pierre-Bloch and General Denis Mercier

His Serene Highness Prince Albert II gave this prestigious award  to Zhang Zhang during the ceremony held in Paris.

It is a remarkable distinction for Zhang Zhang, violinist of the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra. On March 31, in the Monaco Embassy in Paris, HSH Prince Albert II awarded the artist the Prix Jean Pierre-Bloch of Licra (International League against Racism and Antisemitism), in a ceremony hosted by His Excellency Mr. Christophe Steiner, the ambassador of Monaco to France.


In the presence of leading members of Licra, members of the Pierre- Bloch family, as well as other distinguished guests. The Jean Pierre-Bloch Prize is dedicated to award artists whose work and engagement contributes actively to promotes universal and humanitarian values, social progress and peace, against discrimination and hate.

Previous recipients have included lyric artists Barbara Hendricks, singer composer Charles Aznavour and film maker Radu Mihaileanu.

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Zhang Zhang was awarded this Prize because of her commitment and engagement in developing Musical Philanthropy projects through her association ZHANGOMUSIQ, created in Monaco in 2007. More than 70 performances contributing to humanitarian, ecological, educational and musical diplomacy projects were created over the last 15 years. With the generous support and continued encouragement from the Government of Monaco and HSH Prince Albert II.

“It is in Monaco that I realized the true power of Music. As Musicians, we have a stage, we have a public. Beyond offering entertainment and the conservation of  musical and cultural traditions, we can also be active initiators and leaders for promoting social progress in our society, as well as  encouraging peace in our world. We can be a bridge, a vibrant connection uniting different communities. Generating awareness and offering concrete support for worthy causes, be it humanitarian, educational and ecological. Music is a universal human language, even when we do not speak the same tongues, we can sing, dance, and play music together. Playing together does not mean to play in an identical manner, it is the art of playing differently WITH one another. The best music is rich in diversity and contrasts, just as in the best of human societies. Listening to each other, respecting one another, dialoguing, exchanging, and inspiring each other mutually. I am especially grateful to the Principality of Monaco. I can not imagine another country where an unknown young musician, armed with only a violin and a dream, would receive so much encouragement, generosity, and support. Living and working along side more than 140 nationalities in harmony and friendship is a very precious way of life in an increasingly complex and divisive world. In the Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte Carlo, we have artists of 19 different nationalities, led by a Japanese artistic director. It is a beautiful example of “Vivre Ensemble” and Universalism: sharing and creating beauty and joy together, and promoting peace, everywhere on the planet, today and tomorrow. “

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