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Add a touch of eroticism to your home

Alain Duprat

Many artists will be on show until July 25 at La Loggia by Garbarino.

Intimacy, sensuality, elegance… La Loggia by Garbarino has decided to go for eroticism! Quite the challenge, but a successful one. The concept store at the Boulevard des Moulins is exhibiting a range of artists, all of whom have their own personal approach to eroticism.


Olivia Steele intrigues with her suggestive neon messages, contained in a birdcage. Japanese photographer and filmmaker Mitsuaki Koshizuka surprises with his photographs where nude models seem to be covered in tattoos…

And what can we say about the “La LanguOchat” duo, Isabelle Royer and Véronique Carlotti, who have designed lights with silver and copper wire, that look like underwear! Original lamps, designed for the bedroom by Jacqueline Morabito, provide a gentle and romantic take on eroticism.

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Of course, the Visionnaire brand has also contributed to the project, with a selection of furniture and objects with evocative shapes.

You can see the exhibition at 40 Boulevard des Moulins until July 25. David Garbarino has chosen to support the Fight Aids charity through this exhibition.