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21 Princesse Grace: Military Tribute and fundraiser for Sgt Thierry Perard

Monaco Tribune

The 52-year-old firefighter was unable to recover from injuries sustained in the fire that gutted a 400 m2 apartment at 21 Princesse Grace.

He was the first to die in a fire in the history of the Principality’s fire brigade. Sergeant Thierry Perard died at the age of 52 on June 19, while fighting the fire that broke out in the 21 Princesse Grace building.


A national military tribute will be paid to the firefighter at 9 am on Friday, 24 June. It will be broadcast by Monaco Info and commented by journalist Sandrine Nègre.

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Thierry Perard’s daughter, Mathilde, has set up a Leetchi fundraiser, entitled “Pour mon papounet d’amour” (For my darling daddy). It is intended to finance the building work that the fireman had undertaken in the family home: “My dad left to be among the stars on Sunday, on Father’s Day… it was the worst day of my life. I lost my rock and my reason for living.  I could never have imagined that I would lose my dad at the age of 20, we had so much to see together and I still had so much to learn from him… My dad Thierry was an exceptional person, hand on heart, he is my pride, life decided to take him away from me …. now he is watching over me and will guide me from above …. I love you daddy and I will love you all my life,” she writes.

To date, the collection has raised nearly 5,000 euros. You can make a donation for any amount by clicking on this link.