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TaskRabbit comes to Monaco: How does it work? How much does it cost?


From small services to bigger jobs, the platform connects experienced DIYers and individuals. 

Need a piece of furniture put together, or some plumbing done, but you’re not a handyman? TaskRabbit connects individuals with “taskers” who can carry out odd jobs in your home.


The networking platform for local services was acquired in 2017 by the furniture giant IKEA. Since then, the firm has outsourced its furniture assembly service to TaskRabbit.

After the recent opening of IKEA in Nice, the platform registered an 87% jump in demand for tasks in the region. TaskRabbit wanted to surf on this new wave of demand and opportunity, by extending its services to the Principality.

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Easy to use

It is now possible to use “taskers” to carry out small daily and domestic tasks such as assembling a piece of furniture, odd jobs, deliveries or cleaning a room. It couldn’t be simpler, the “taskers” display their rate for each service and then you just need to select one who is available to help people in Monaco.

A fair price

Prices vary depending on the “tasker” but are between twenty euros and over €60 depending on the type of work requested and its duration. A review system, like the one on Uber, helps to find out if a person is reliable and works well and how many “tasks” they have already carried out.

Fierce competition?

A practical solution that already existed in the Principality through a competitor, Smiile. Monegasque solidarity, voluntary or otherwise, may slow  down the uptake for TaskRabbit. The Facebook page Aide et solidarité entre les résidents de Monaco already lists many calls for help with small daily services.

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