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The Digue Rainier III is being modernised to accommodate mega-yachts

megayacht port monaco
Communication Department / Stéphane Danna

A large barge has been making it difficult to access Port Hercule, but should be leaving shortly.

The Digue Rainier III (breakwater), which arrived in 2002, was unable to accommodate the mega-yachts. Three weeks ago, the Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco (SEPM) began work on the breakwater to accommodate the mega-yachts appropriately over the winter.


For the past three weeks, a large barge has been occupying Port Hercule. This should now disappear, to be replaced by more low-key work scheduled until mid-November.

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The barge enabled the installation at a depth of 50 metres of four dead weights, weighing 200 tonnes each. These will make it possible to moor 150 metre long mega yachts, using underwater buoys. They are all fitted with cages that are filled with oyster shells for ecological purposes, to provide new habitat for marine ecosystems.

The construction work was also an opportunity to supply the mega-yachts with water and electricity, and also to allow sewage to be discharged directly from the breakwater.