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Peace and Sport: who are the six “Junior Champions for Peace”?

Peace and Sport
Peace and Sport, from left to right : Julian Agliardi, Théo Druenne, Aliyyah Koloc, Yasmeen Koloc, Mamadou Coulibaly and Fiorina Berezovsky

On Friday 12 August, International Youth Day, Peace and Sport launched its Junior Champions for Peace Club. Monaco Tribune went to meet two of them. Discover the stories of these young athletes.

Théo Druenne (swimming)


He’s one of the greatest hopes in Monegasque swimming. At only 17 years old, Théo Druenne has already participated in two of the most important international and European competitions. The swimmer from the Principality took part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and also competed in the Mediterranean Games last month.

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Théo Druenne has enjoyed an inspirational career so far, which led him to join the Junior Champions for Peace Club. “It is important for us young people to set an example for others. If we can do it, so can they. Sport is watched by many people around the world, so if we can pass on messages at the same time, it’s good for everyone.”

Fiorina Berezovsky (chess)

Having already competed in the French and European championships and taken part in the Chess Olympics twice, 14-year-old Fiorina Berezovsky is one of the Monegasque club’s greatest hopes. A member of the Monte-Carlo Chess Club, she is now fully integrated into the Peace and Sport family.

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It’s a role close to her heart, and one that she already proudly assumed last June, by jointly organising the “Chess for Peace” tournament at the Novotel in Monaco alongside Jean-Michel Rapaire, her parents and the Monaco Chess Club, in which ten young refugees from Ukraine took part.

“They really liked it. The atmosphere was great. It was a place of peace, where everyone could play peacefully. It is important to show peace through sport. In the game, you can fight and compete, but in the end, we are all friends.”

Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc (motorsport)

Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc, both 18, share a passion for motorsport and both support an orphanage in Uganda.

By joining the Junior Champions for Peace Club, the two sisters want “to be able to spread more positivity in the world and the message that no matter what colour, race or gender you are, you can do sports or whatever you want to do.”

Julian Agliardi (skateboarding)

At 12 years old, French-American Julian Agliardi has impressive skateboarding skills. Eager to raise awareness of social issues such as gang violence and delinquency through action sports, the young talent also decided to join the Junior Champions for Peace Club.

“I am always looking for positive inspiration and I am very happy to have been chosen to become an inspiration to others as a Peace and Sport Ambassador.”

Mamadou Coulibaly (football)

A member of AS Monaco’s training centre, Mamadou Coulibaly (18) is a talented midfielder who has been playing for the club since 2019. Convinced that “sport can be used as a vehicle for the acceptance of differences and dialogue between communities”, he will support the actions of Peace and Sport and promote the positive values of sport in Monaco and beyond.