13 (lucky) Monegasque words to celebrate autumn and Hallowe’en

Communication Department / Manuel Vitali

How well do you know the Monegasque language? Every month, Monaco Tribune, in partnership with the Acad├ęmie des Langues Dialectales, gives you a list of words and expressions to boost your vocabulary.


As we enter the second half of October, autumn has definitely arrived in the Principality and Hallowe’en is just around the corner. Although this celebration did not really take hold in Monaco until the end of the 1990s, which means that there is no specific vocabulary for Hallowe’en in Monegasque, the Acad├ęmie des Langues Dialectales can nevertheless provide a little list of words related to the celebration and the season.

  • Spider:┬áaragna
  • Spider’s web:┬átera d’aragna
  • Squash (e.g.butternut):┬ás├╝ca
  • Candy/sweet:┬ábonbon, cunfetu
  • Disguise:┬ámascarada
  • Sorcerer:┬ámagou
  • Mask:┬ámascara
  • Monster:┬ámustru
  • Pumpkin:┬ás├╝ca runda e ciata
  • Blood:┬ásanghe
  • Wizard:┬ástregun, magu, cussu
  • Witch:┬ástriya
  • To cast a spell:┬á├╝nmasc├á

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Please note that in Monegasque, the letter “u” is pronounced [ou] and “├╝” is pronounced [u]. So all you need now is to practice a little… and have fun!