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The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation takes action on concussion

Eric Mathon / Prince's Palace

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation organised a conference on Thursday at the M├ęridien Beach Plaza on the subject of sport and concussion.


Exclusively for representatives of sports entities, the aim of the conference was to raise awareness about concussion in sport and to discuss the latest medical knowledge and technology in the field. It was led by many experts on the subject, among the 50 representatives who attended.

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Professor Pierre Fremont, a renowned specialist in Canada and worldwide, presented the extent of his experience in the treatment of concussions in professional and amateur sports.

Many experts in attendance

He also insisted on the need for prevention and detection in regular sports activities among young people, especially in contact sports with high risks of injuries that sometimes go unnoticed.

Dr Nicolas Capet, a neurologist at the Princess Grace Hospital in the neurophysiological functional explorations department, stressed that “concussions are frequent events in the lives of sportsmen and women who are subjected to contact, but in the vast majority of cases they progress rapidly and favourably with organised care.

┬ęEric Mathon / Prince’s Palace

Optimal management of these seemingly innocuous injuries requires a specific multidisciplinary care network, but also information and training for sports educators, school teaching staff and parents from early childhood.”

Concussion, a subject close to the Foundation’s heart

Also present were Dr. Yann-Erick Claessens, physician and head of the emergency department at the Princess Grace Hospital and Dr. Renaud David, psychiatrist at the University Hospital of Nice and expert consultant for France’s Football Federation, National Rugby League and Federation of Combat Sports and Martial Arts.

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The Foundation has been supporting concussion-related initiatives for several years, in particular with the British organisation Love of the Game, which funds research and development of solutions to help prevent, diagnose and treat concussions and related issues.