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Winter flu: Who can vaccinate me in Monaco?

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The vaccine is available directly from pharmacies and is fully funded by social security.


Winter flu is knocking at the door again. There is a simple way to keep it at bay, and which the Prince’s Government recommends: vaccination.

Since barrier measures have reduced the spread of flu in recent years, the population’s immunity to it has also declined. The Department of Social Affairs and Health is warning of the risk of severe cases and reminding people of the importance of getting vaccinated.

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Anyone who so wishes can therefore be vaccinated against the flu. It not only helps to alleviate the symptoms but also reduces the risk of severe forms.

Vaccines can be administered by a doctor, a nurse or directly in a pharmacy, with or without a prescription.

The flu virus strains change every year. Vaccination every autumn is therefore important to protect against new strains.

If you are also due for the Covid-19 booster, it is possible to have both vaccinations done on the same day.

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