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Artist Christine Sun Kim welcomes Princess Caroline to Madrid

La Casa Encendida

The exhibition will run until 26 February at the Casa Encendida in Madrid.


Last month, Christine Sun Kim received an award from the Fondation Prince Pierre  for her sign language interpretation of the American national anthem at the Super Bowl. She met Prince Albert II and Princess Caroline in the Prince’s Palace.

This time, the deaf young American artist is exhibiting her work at Casa Encendida in Madrid until 26 February, and Princess Caroline visited her for the opening.

Located in the heart of the Spanish capital, the exhibition includes the award-winning work as well as two other pieces that relate to her deafness and her perception of the world around her. Encouraged by the Fondation Prince Pierre, the venue that has been made available to the artist will enable her to meet her public.

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Cristiano Raimondi, Director of the International Prize of Contemporary Art at the Fondation Prince Pierre, describes Christine Sun Kim as “an artist who, through deafness, has been able to amplify her nature as an artist to transmit concepts, ideas and values that are universal, using graphic elements. Her art creates bridges and connections between two worlds that are quite different.”