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Monaco Telecom outage – what happened?

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Tuesday’s outage was explained by Martin Peronnet, the operator’s managing director.

“No matter the amount of safeguards, network redundancy and tests we put in place, we all know that there is always a risk of a major fault, which will undermine our planning and spark a crisis…” So begins a long LinkedIn post by Martin Peronnet, Managing Director of Monaco Telecom. Entitled La Panne (the breakdown), the publication looks back at the incident that occurred on Tuesday, from 2.30 pm to 9 pm.


Just as “major maintenance of the energy equipment in one of Monaco Telecom’s main data centres” was scheduled, the emergency generator failed. Internet connections, mobile and landline communications were affected from 2.34pm onwards.

“Everything gradually came back on line from 3.15pm when we were able to restore the power, except for the telecom exchange which had an adverse reaction to the power cut and would not restart. It was 8.45pm by the time we were able to fully resolve the incident”, Martin Peronnet explains on LinkedIn.

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The managing director thanked “the staff who worked tirelessly on the fix” and apologised for the inconvenience.