Monaco public holidays in 2023

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Here’s some handy information if you’re planning a long weekend, and you want as long a break as possible for as few days off work as possible!┬á


Every year in France, employees hope that most of the public holidays don’t fall on the weekend. May we remind you that in Monaco, if New Year’s Day, May 1st, Assumption, All Saints’ Day, Prince’s Day or Christmas Day fall on a Sunday, the Monday is an official public holiday.

Official calendar of public holidays in Monaco in 2023

  • Sunday 1 January: New Year’s Day (public holiday on Monday 2 January)
  • Friday 27 January: Saint Devota
  • Monday 10 April: Easter Monday
  • Monday 1 May: Labour Day
  • Thursday 18 May: Ascension
  • Monday 29 May:┬áWhit Monday
  • Thursday 8 June: Corpus Christi
  • Tuesday 15 August : Assumption
  • Wednesday 1 November: All Saints’ Day
  • Sunday 19 November: Sovereign Prince’s Day (holiday on Monday 20 November)
  • Friday 8 December: Immaculate Conception
  • Monday 25 December: Christmas

To find out more about public holidays in Monaco, visit the Monaco government website.

Monaco Tribune wishes you a happy 2023!