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Temporary closure for Fontvieille McDonald’s

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┬ęMonaco Tribune

The store located in the Fontvieille shopping centre will start major renovation work in a few weeks’ time.┬á


The fast-food restaurant will be closed to the public from 13 to 25 March. It is mainly the kitchens that are concerned. “McDonald’s is standardising its kitchens around the world, we want to prepare customer orders as they are made rather than in advance,” explains Siegfried Cladel, General Manager at McDonald’s.

Reusable tableware and table service

A few weeks after its introduction, and like 95% of the company’s French restaurants, the Monaco McDonald’s is bringing in reusable tableware for use as soon as the restaurant reopens. “A new dishwasher needs to be installed in the kitchens, one that is suited to this type of tableware, so that it can be reused several times a day,” the manager continues. Only take-away sales will not use the new tableware.

┬ę Monaco Tribune

Table service is also due to be introduced indoors. Brought in by the franchise since 2017, this type of service could not be introduced in Fontvieille beforehand: “These changes depend on the establishment and its location.┬áIn 2017, we already had the prospect of a new shopping centre in Fontvieille, which was planned for 2023. The deadlines were pushed back , which delayed putting this type of service in place for us too, as we did not know what would become of McDonald’s in the new shopping centre,” the General Manager explains.

No changes are planned for the terrace and the indoor seating area. We also mentioned complaints by some customers about the cleanliness of the tables, especially on the terrace. Siegfried Cladel assures us that “they are cleaned several times an hour.” “I understand that this is not everyone’s customer experience, but our staff is attentive to this. There is still room for improvement, as in any establishment,” he concludes.