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10 Monegasque words to put a Spring in your step

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How well do you know the Monegasque language? Monaco Tribune, in partnership with the Académie des Langues Dialectales, gives you a list of words and expressions to boost your vocabulary.

On Monday 20 March, we say goodbye to Winter and welcome Spring. To mark the occasion, the Académie des Langues Dialectales provided Monaco Tribune with a few words inspired by the new season, along with their context. 


The chills of Winter are gone. March is the month when Spring and the good weather return. Nature comes back to life, the trees are gradually covered in green foliage, a perfect setting for small birds to mate. Flowers are starting to show in the fields. Morale is high!

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  • March : marsu
  • Spring : primavera
  • Nature : natüra
  • Prairie : prau, pra
  • Garden : giardin
  • Tree : arburu
  • Bud : burrin
  • Flower : sciura
  • Bird : aujelu
  • Nest : niu

Note that the ü is pronounced [u] and the u, without the umlaut, is pronounced [ou].