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Covid-19: the latest government announcements

© Communication Department / Stéphane Danna

Christophe Robino, Minister of Health and Social Affaires, spoke on Monaco Info. 


Health measures are easing in the Principality. Monaco Tribune sums up the latest government announcements. Christophe Robino mentioned on Monaco Info:

  • An end to the isolation period for positive cases, as of Saturday March 11. “Those people will be required to wear masks, take appropriate precautions and respect barrier measures,” said the Minister.
  • For contact cases, March 11 will mark an end to follow-up and testing on D+2 after the last contact.
  • No more mandatory vaccinations. “The new recommendations call for a booster in the autumn for those at risk,” added Christophe Robino.

The Minister referred to the situation of non-vaccinated health workers, who are currently suspended. “The law stipulating mandatory vaccination for health care workers expires at the end of April. However, we have decided to reinstate the health care workers and the liberal professions who are suspended as of the end of March [the law will be lifted on 27 March, Ed.] (…) given that masks are worn in health facilities, and in view of the small number of severe cases and the low incidence rate among the population.”