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Deaths, births, marriages: overview of Monaco’s population in 2022

The Monegasque population's growth rate was 0.8% in 2022. © Communication Department

In 2022, 92 children were born with Monegasque nationality.


A few days ago, the Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (IMSEE – Monaco Statistics), in partnership with Monaco Town Hall, made public several statistics on demographics. They concern the Monegasque population and are, to say the least, detailed.

75 additional Monegasques

In 2022, Monegasque population numbers rose by 75, +0.8% compared to 2021, bringing the total to 9686 people. A majority (54.3%) of them are women, compared to 45.7% of Monegasque men.

The average age of Monegasques is 44.7. It is lower for the men (41.6 years) than for the women (47.4 years). What used to be called the ‘weaker’ sex has a statistically longer life expectancy of 88.7 years at birth. As for Monegasque men, the figure is 84.4 years. The average Monegasque life expectancy is 86.5 years.

92 ‘arrivals’ and 85 ‘departures’

Speaking of births. 2022 welcomed 92 Monegasque babies, 39 boys and 53 girls. Their mothers were 33 years old on average. 92 ‘arrivals’, but 85 ‘departures’, the number of Monegasques who died last year, a figure that is in line with average trends. Of these, 38 were men and 47 women. In 2021, due to Covid, a new record of mortality rates was sadly set, with 101 Monegasque deaths.

The number of marriages is on the up! 96 weddings were celebrated for couples that included at least one Monegasque. On average, men are 33 years old when they first marry, compared to 31.4 for women. Between 2017 to 2021, around 30 divorces took place each year.