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Serious accident in Louis-II tunnel: three dead

tunnel louis ii accident
The accident occurred in the Louis-II tunnel, near the Rainier III Auditorium - © Horizon06 via Wikipedia

It happened on Friday night, at around 4am.

The Prince’s Government issued a statement on Saturday that a traffic accident had occurred in the Louis II Tunnel at 4.16 am the previous night.


Only one vehicle was involved, but sadly three victims inside died, despite the efforts of the Fire Brigade. According to our colleagues at Monaco-Matin, ” the vehicle was travelling towards Port Hercule when the driver lost control. The vehicle then crossed the white line before crashing violently into the concrete wall near the Rainier III Auditorium.”

“The impact caused the vehicle to catch fire, giving off thick smoke that spread to the adjacent buildings. A dozen occupants of a neighbouring building were slightly affected, none seriously, and were treated,” the Government also stated.

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The tunnel remained closed for a considerable time but is once again open to traffic.

The Government of Monaco and the entire Monaco Tribune team extend their most sincere condolences to the families of the victims.