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Monaco commemorates World War I Armistice

9 million people lost their lives in the conflict, including over a million French citizens - © Monaco Town Council

Flowers were laid at several monuments in the Principality, including the Boulevard de Belgique, Monaco’s Cemetery and the Maison de France. 

‘Lest we forget.’ Monaco commemorated the Armistice of 11 November 1918, as it does every year. In attendance on Saturday were Minister of State Pierre Dartout, Brigitte Boccone-Pages, President of the National Council, Mayor Georges Marsan and several members of the Municipal Council, as well as representatives of the Principality’s highest authorities.


The ceremony began with the laying of wreaths at the foot of the stone monument in honour of King Albert I of Belgium, located on the Boulevard de Belgique. The procession then made its way to Monaco’s Cemetery, and its War Memorial, for the traditional ceremony of remembrance in honour of those who died in the two world wars, accompanied by the Carabinieri Orchestra and the Musique Municipale. The commemoration ceremonies concluded at the Maison de France.


Despite the Principality’s neutrality during the war, a number of Monegasques and residents volunteered to fight with the French army – © Monaco Town Council

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