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Monegasque Red Cross awarded medal by Order for International Merit of Blood

Frédéric Platini and Dr. Sayah Abdelmalek - © Monegasque Red Cross

This prestigious distinction recognises the actions of the Amicale des Donneurs de Sang de Monaco.


The Monegasque Red Cross received a major distinction on November 25. A delegation from the International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations (IFBDO) visited the Monaco Red Cross headquarters and was welcomed by Frédéric Platini, the Secretary General, and Christine Boggiano, President of the Amicale des Donneurs de Sang de Monaco (ADSM).

The IFBDO President, Dr. Sayah Abdelmalek, gave the Monegasque Red Cross the medal of the Order for International Merit of Blood. Dr Sayah Abdelmalek was also accompanied by members of the IFBDO’s Executive Committee, including Vice-Chairmen Serge Dautrebande (Monaco) and Joaquim Mendes Silva (Portugal).

The medal of merit is a motivation and recognition of the work carried out by Red Cross members, inspiring all  humankind in terms of ethics and voluntary, unpaid work. The International Federation of Blood Donors’ Organizations is honoured to honour the Red Cross with an international medal of merit,” Dr. Sayah Abdelmalek told Monaco Info.

The distinction recognises the work of the Amicale des Donneurs de Sang de Monaco and stresses the bonds of friendship between the IFBDO and the ADSM. As a reminder, in October 2023, in the presence of Prince Albert II, President of the Monegasque Red Cross, the ADSM donated the (fully refurbished) mobile blood collection unit to the AVIS (Associazione Volontari Italiani del Sangue), located in Molise province in south-east Italy.