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1 day, 1 venue, 1 cause: how Monaco will celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March

© Comité Droit des Femmes Monaco

From 9 am to 8 pm, women will be in the spotlight at the Espace Léo Ferré.


The event, organised by the ComitĂ© pour la promotion et la protection des droits des femmes (Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights), will bring together a number of stakeholders and partners, working together for a single cause: women’s rights.

“Our aim is to show the strength of the Monegasque collective that is committed to women’s rights, hence the name ‘PowHer’, which promotes current and future actions  by stakeholders in the Principality,” said CĂ©line Cottalorda, Inter-Ministerial Delegate for Women’s Rights.

© Prince’s Government

Four themes for the day 

Education, health, sport and work. These four themes will put women front and centre, through a number of stands, conferences, round tables, a wishing tree and interactive workshops. The open-access, free event will take place over a whole day, in one venue, for a common cause. “It will be a wonderful celebration, open to everyone,” CĂ©line said. A unique stage show will conclude the day of action.

While events on 8 March will likely make an impact, the commitment to women’s issues will also continue throughout 2024, which promises to be a year of “collective action”.