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Klaxit becomes BlaBlaCar Daily in Monaco: what about subsidies?

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As of June 10, 2024, BlaBlaCar, the new owner of Klaxit, will be responsible for carpooling in the Principality, through the BlaBlaCar Daily app.

The French company BlaBlaCar bought Klaxit in 2023, and is finally coming to the Principality along with its everyday carpooling service, BlaBlaCar Daily. From June 10, 2024, you will need the BlaBlaCar Daily app if you wish to carshare in Monaco.


The benefits and guarantees offered by Klaxit will still be available on BlaBlaCar Daily for users in the Principality. Users will still be able to receive subsidies from the Prince’s Government, and all the financial benefits (free for passengers, compensation for drivers – between €1.50 and €3 per passenger per journey) and guaranteed return – will be maintained.

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If you have any questions about the change of platform, there is a FAQ on the Klaxit website with further information.