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Uber, taxi, Klaxit: how to get around the Principality

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Private carriers are often faster and also more flexible.

For getting around Monaco, there are of course the transport services provided by the Principality such as buses and MonaBikes. However, other means of transport exist, especially for travelling beyond the Rock.


1- Private car hire

Platforms such as Uber, Bolt and Heetch are popular in many cities in France and further afield, but Monaco has so far resisted their allure. However, it is still possible to get round the restrictions.

If you are crossing the border into the Principality, no problem, the drivers can drop you off anywhere. However, you cannot use a private company inside Monaco’s borders. You would have to go to Cap d’Ail, Beausoleil or Roquebrune to be able to book a ride via their respective applications.

2- Taxis

Monaco’s taxis have joined together in the Association des Exploitants de Taxis Indépendants (Association of Independent Taxi Operators of Monaco (AETIM)). Their centralised platform can be reached by calling +377 93 15 01 01.

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Day or night, seven days a week, Monaco’s taxis are available 24/7, unlike their competitors, the private hire firms. Their rates are often higher, however. For example, a fare in the Principality will cost €15 and €95 to the airport. As there is no app, it is also less convenient to order a ride than with the private car hire apps.

More info: Taximonaco

3- Klaxit

For everyday trips, there is the carpooling application Klaxit. This recent innovation on Monegasque territory is encouraged by the Government. The service is easy to use. Simply create an account to see the routes that drivers are offering, and choose the one that suits you. You can also become a driver yourself and receive payments for the journeys you make.

There is a not-so-minor drawback, the application does not handle Monegasque IBANs… You would therefore need to have a foreign IBAN to be able to use the service in Monaco.

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More info: Klaxit

At the time of publication, neither the Monegasque taxis nor the Klaxit application were available to comment on the points raised.