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Coronavirus : Four new cases Monaco

coronavirus monaco

Last night, the health authorities in Monaco were informed that four new patients tested positive for COVID–19.



This brings the number of people affected by the coronavirus to 31, including one person who is now cured.

Earlier this week on Tuesday, Minister of Social Affairs and Health Didier Gamerdinger specified that not all these people were residents of Monaco. Ten of them are hospitalised either in the Principality or in France. Others with mild symptoms are self-isolating at home, being followed up by doctors. He confirmed that several carers at the Princess Grace Hospital Centre have tested positive for coronavirus.

“Taking this development into account, the health situation remains manageable. We are not yet on the verge of a very rapid increase in the epidemic,” reassured Didier Gamerdinger.


One third of the world’s population is currently confined, while the number of people affected by the novel coronavirus is now approaching half a million.


The Government has set up an information centre on COVID–19 aimed at the general public. Citizens, residents and workers may ask any questions they wish about COVID–19 by calling the number: 92 05 55 00. This line is open 7/7 days from 9am to 6pm. You can also send an e-mail to:


To follow live updates of the COVID-19 situation in Monaco, go to our live feed.