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Thursday 29 April 2020 

Numbers: To date, 95 people in Monaco got infected with the virus. 58 of those infected have now recovered.

Talking points: “We have a collective duty to live with a virus that nobody really knows very well and we will have to adapt to this”

Headlines: lifting lockdown, culture, tablets for elderly: Read in full

Wednesday 29 April 2020 

The Prince’s Government unveiled the details of the plan to bring Monaco out of lockdown, which will begin on May 4th: Read in full

Tuesday 28 April 2020 

Numbers: One new case of infection.

Talking points: “We are going to have to learn to live with this virus”

Headlines: Prince Albert II announces end of lockdown May 4th: Read in full

Monday 27 April 2020 

Numbers: Now new cases since last week.

Talking points: “The economy is being stifled, and the more time passes, the more we risk mirroring the Great Depression. All of this is very harmful to the economy”

Headlines: Céline Dion, e-health, classical music and more: Read in full

Friday 24 April 2020 

Numbers: Fourth victim of the novel coronavirus in Monaco. This patient was not resident in the Principality. He was 79 years old.

Talking points: “Today’s situation makes me think that we could imagine a new world”

Headlines: Prince visits construction site, fourth death, masks and more: Read in full

Thursday 23 April 2020 

Numbers: To date, 94 people have been infected with the novel coronavirus. No new cases for five days now.

Talking points: “In a country where the budget is generally balanced, where the last deficit dates back to the 2009-2011 global crisis (€200 million spread over three years), we are talking here about nearly €350 million in surplus spending… in just 3 months!”

Headlines: Prince’s message, business solidarity, basketball, cacti and more: Read in full

Wednesday 22 April 2020 

Numbers: To date, 94 people have been infected with the novel coronavirus. No new cases for four days now.

Talking points: “No significant increase in reports of domestic violence in Monaco”

Headlines: domestic violence, budget deficits, masks, ballet and more: Read in full

Tuesday 21 April 2020 

Numbers: To date, 94 people have been infected with the novel coronavirus.

Talking points: “We are going to vote for an amended budget with a historic deficit of EUR 500 million”

Headlines: distribution of masks, the Prince visits the hospital centre, lockdown ballet and much more: Read in full

Wednesday 15 April 

– Every night at 8 pm:

La Battle des immeubles Monaco

La Battle des immeubles à Monaco

– The virtual literary tea by the Médiathèque de Monaco:

– Monaco’s police is increasing the number of checks during the holiday week to enforce the lockdown. (Government of Monaco)

How Monaco Red Cross is helping the Principality to face the pandemic. Read our interview with the Secretary-General Frédéric Platini.

Tuesday 14 April 

– No new positive COVID-19 cases reported today. (Government of Monaco)

Monday 13 April  

– No new positive COVID-19 cases reported today. (Government of Monaco)

Friday 10 April 

– Monaco City Hall published an updated calendar of cancelled or postponed events : See the calendar of events.

– Certificate of derogatory international travel to metropolitan France: Check the website of the French Ministry of the Interior where you can download the certificate.

Thursday 9 April  

– How does justice work during lockdown? What about prisons? Robert Gelli, Director of Judicial Services, gave an interview to Monaco Info.

– Three new positive cases. This brings to 84 the number of people affected by the coronavirus, including 5 patients who have recovered. 11 people are hospitalised. 3 of them are in intensive care. 101 patients are taken care of by the Home Monitoring Centre. (Government of Monaco)

– Construction sites, roads, transport… Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Government Counsellor – Minister of Public Works, Environment and Urban Planning gave an interview to Monaco Info’s Yann-Antony Noghès. (Monaco Info)

– The Red Cross in Monaco is hitting a record number of food deliveries for all residents over the age of 70 and vulnerable people.


Wednesday 8 April  

– Two new coronavirus cases in Monaco. 81 people are now infected,, including 4 patients who have recovered. 10 people are hospitalised. 5 of them are in intensive care. 109 patients are being monitored by doctors. (Government of Monaco)

– The luxury car show “Top Marques” in Monaco is cancelled. The next show will be held from June 9th to June 13th in 2021.

– Monaco Info and France 3 will broadcast Monte-Carlo Ballet’s “La Belle” today at 5 pm.

– Confinement, masks, tests, economy… Serge Telle, Head of the Prince’s Government, gave an interview to Monaco Info. Watch below in French. A summary in English will be shortly available on our site.


– The Red Cross in Monaco and its team of volunteers and experienced professionals are ready to help you during this difficult period.

croix rouge de monaco

Red Cross of Monaco

Tuesday 7 April 

– Two new coronavirus cases in Monaco. This brings the number of people affected by the coronavirus to 79, including 4 patients who have recovered. 9 people are hospitalised. 4 of them are in intensive care. 103 patients are supervised by doctors. (Government of Monaco)

Monte-Carlo Ballet: Sleeping Beauty screening during lockdown

– The four shows scheduled for 21, 24, 26 and 28 April in the Salle Garnier of the Monte-Carlo Opera are cancelled. All tickets purchased for these performances will be refunded in the coming weeks.

– The 15th EVER Monaco is postponed. The next edition of EVER Monaco will take place from Thursday 28th to Saturday 30th May 2020 at the Grimaldi Forum. EVER is one of the oldest events in Europe dedicated to sustainable mobility and renewable energies. (EVER Monaco)

Exotic Garden of Monaco reveals its treasures 

– Despite the lockdown, Monaco’s Digital Security Agency (AMSN) remains operational to assist its partners, State services and Monaco’s Operators of Vital Importance. (Government of Monaco)

AMSN ouverte - ©DR


– Have you already discovered what the Audiovisual Institute of Monaco has to offer these days? On the Institute’s YouTube channel, you will find some short films which offer an opportunity to plunge into the past. “The Big Day” (Le Grand Jour) is already the eighteenth film offered. It was shot in 1948.

– Monaco misses you. With the tourist industry on pause, the Tourism and Convention Authority in Monaco has decided to keep in touch with all those who love travelling by releasing a new video to tell how much Monaco misses its tourists.

Monday 6 April  

– The Prince’s Government has published the speech of H.E. Mr. Serge Telle, Minister of State at the Public Session of the National Council of Monaco.

This crisis will last. It will be long. And the longer it lasts, the more it will leave its mark, particularly in the economic and social areas.

– Four new coronavirus cases. This brings the number of people infected with the coronavirus to 77, including 4 patients who have now recovered. 12 people are hospitalised. 4 of them are in intensive care. 102 patients are being followed up by doctors. (Government of Monaco

– Monaco will not tolerate domestic violence. The government now offers two new ways to report acts of violence. (Government of Monaco)
1) Report violence at the pharmacy
2) Alert the police by e-mail

le Comité pour la promotion et la protection des droits des femmes.

The Committee for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women

La Sûreté publique à Monaco fait respecter le confinement avec 3.500 contrôles ce weekend

Police in Monaco enforce lockdown with 3,500 checks this weekend

– Find all the activities of the Red Cross in Monaco on: deliveries, equipment, training, home monitoring, social action, as well as recommendations to protect yourself and live better during the period of confinement. (Red Cross in Monaco)

– This afternoon at 5pm the National Council of Monaco is holding the Legislative Session (without public). You can follow the session on the Facebook page of the National Council of Monaco.

Sunday 5 April 

– Seven new positive cases. This brings the number of people affected by the novel coronavirus to 73, including 3 patients who have now recovered. 15 people are hospitalised. 4 of them are in intensive care. 106 patients are being followed up by doctors. (Government of Monaco)

– A solidarity fund to support the teams of the Princess Grace Hospital Centre of Monaco : Monaco Solidaire (Christophe Barbara)

– Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene thank all those who are facing this terrible ordeal with strength and determination. (Prince’s Palace)

Let us keep the spirit of unity and solidarity flowing with courage and patience. I rely on all of you.

– What is the difference between diagnostic and serological testing? Who are the people tested at the Princess Grace Hospital Center? The answers in the interview with Benoîte de Sevelinges, Director of the Hospital Centre. (Monaco Info)

Saturday 4 April 2020

– The second death linked to the novel coronavirus since the beginning of the epidemic in the Principality. The victim was an octogenarian, non-resident person. (Government of Monaco)

– Tomorrow, Charles Leclerc and Arthur Leclerc will be taking part in the Vietnam virtual GP. You can watch the race live on F1’s YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

Dive into Oceanographic Museum’s virtual world ! 

–Monaco’s farmers markets are still open, but you need to remember social distancing rules. (Mairie de Monaco)

– Students and teachers at Lycée Technique et Hôtelier de Monaco are supporting Marie de Monaco’s food delivery service for the elderly and the frail.

Friday 3 April 2020

–Four new positive cases in Monaco. This brings the number of people affected by the coronavirus to 64, including 3 patients who have recovered. 11 people are hospitalised. 1 of them is in intensive care. People with mild symptoms are invited to self-isolate and call their GP. To date, 110 patients are being monitored Monaco’s medical services. (Government of Monaco)

– Monaco’s Minister of the Interior Patrice Cellario confirmed that the bac exams will take place, but without written tests. Students will receive an average score in each subject based on their grades throughout the year. (Government of Monaco)

– Dismissals: The measure to make it impossible to terminate employment except in cases of misconduct has just come into force. (Government of Monaco)

– Working from home: 993 companies in the Principality have switched to remote working; it currently concerns 10,381 employees compared to 1,300 before the COVID–19 crisis. (Government of Monaco)

– The second meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee for COVID–19 was held this Friday. This meeting enables the Prince’s Government to inform the elected representatives of National Council of the decisions it has been led to take or will have to take in the framework of the management of the health crisis. On this occasion, exchanges took place on the health situation and the supply of medical equipment to the Principality. (Government of Monaco)

– The Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Society has launched an appeal for donations. Although the grocery store, usually open at 32, rue Grimaldi, had to temporarily close its doors to the public, food vouchers are now regularly sent to underprivileged families in the communes bordering Monaco. For donations: Société Saint-Vincent-de-Paul – 32, rue Grimaldi – 98000 MONACO. (Diocese of Monaco)

– The Diocese of Monaco has published the calendar of Easter services. (Diocese of Monaco)

– With just over 6 months to go before the opening, scheduled for 20 October, the Expo 2020 steering committee is studying the possibility of postponing the Expo for a year. (Government of Monaco)

Thursday 2 April 2020

– Five new coronavirus cases in Monaco. This brings the total to 60 people, including 2 patients who have recovered. 11 people are hospitalised. People with mild symptoms are asked to self-isolate and call the dedicated number 92 05 55 00. 105 patients are being monitored by Monaco’s medical services. (Government of Monaco)

– The 60th anniversary of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival postponed to 2021 due to the COVID–19 crisis. (Monte-Carlo Television Festival)

– The results of the first 15 days of containment: 11,000 checks were carried out in Monaco. (Government of Monaco)

“This morning, for example, 211 vehicles were checked, 2 drivers were turned back for lack of a work certificate. And yesterday, for the first time, one person was fined 100 euros, since he should not have come to the Principality,” said Government Minister Patrice Cellario.

– Three new COVID–19 cases confirmed in the Principality. This brings the number of people suffering from the coronavirus to 55, including 2 patients who have now recovered. 12 people are hospitalised. 2 of them are in intensive care. In addition, to date, 98 patients are being followed up by Monaco’s medical services. (Government of Monaco)

Wednesday 1 April 2020

– The Red Cross of Monaco published a simple video to explain how to stay safe and avoid exposing yourself to contagion. (Red Cross of Monaco)

– The Prince and the elected members of the National council got into a heated debate about how to manage the ongoing health crisis.

– The Government of Monaco announced a series of measures to support workers and companies suffering from the economic consequences of the health crisis.

– Watch the entire interview given last night by the Sovereign Prince to Monaco Info’s Yann-Antony Noghès. (Monaco Info)

– The Larvotto construction site will reopen. “It will become a reference in terms of health and safety conditions.” (Government of Monaco)

– The Prince’s Government has set up an anonymous line to support the residents of the Principality. In the event of psychological distress or just simple need to talk, call 92 05 55 00. (Government of Monaco)

– As of today, the State Services are implementing the Extraordinary Minimum Income, a measure announced by the Prince’s Government to help self-employed workers with a permit to work in their own name, who are experiencing a decline in their activity impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. (Government of Monaco)

– The Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights published a guide on tackling domestic violence in the Principality during the COVID-19 crisis.

Comment prévenir les violences conjugales

How to stop domestic violence

– Until further notice, the IM2S welcomes patients requiring orthopaedic trauma care. (Government of Monaco)

– Prince Albert II raises his voice and “invites the National Council to show real solidarity with his government”. (Prince’s Palace)

– Discover the history of the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology of Monaco. This museum was officially founded by Prince Albert I in 1902! (Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology)

– The Prince’s Government has announced extra measures to support workers affected by the health crisis. (Government of Monaco)

– Start your day off right with a cardio workout from the Hercules Fitness Club!

Tuesday 31 March 2020

– Three new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the Principality, bringing the total to 52 proven cases including two recoveries. 11 people are hospitalised, 2 of them are in intensive care. (Government of Monaco)

Prince Albert II of Monaco recovers from coronavirus

– The Hospitalier Centre Princesse Grace offers remote GP appointments. (CHPG)

Monday, 30 March 2020

– Three samples in Monaco tested positive for COVID–19. This brings the number of people suffering from the coronavirus to 49, including one person who is now cured. (Government of Monaco)

– Companies in Monaco can ask their questions during the COVID–19 period to the Princely Government via a new page. The Government has also made available to companies a practical guide outlining all the social, economic, fiscal and financial measures taken by the Government to support companies affected by the health crisis. (Government of Monaco)

– The National Council of Monaco is calling for the first meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee on COVID-19. (National Council of Monaco)

– How to stay fit during the confinement period ? Monaco’s Hercule Fitness Club is publishing daily videos on Facebook to encourage people to exercise. (Hercule Fitness Club)

– The Women’s Rights Committee of Monaco has a number for anyone faced with acts of domestic violence. (Women’s Rights Committee of Monaco)

– The Monaco Red Cross is working with the Mairie de Monaco to deliver hundreds of meals to all residents over the age of 70 and to vulnerable people. (Monaco Red Cross)

29 March 2020 – 3 new cases, 46 in total, 1 recovery, 1 death. (Government of Monaco)

28 March 2020 The first victim of COVID–19 in the Principality this Saturday. This person, octogenarian, non-resident in Monaco, had been admitted in intensive care on March 25th at the Hospital Centre. (Government of Monaco)

27 March 2020 – Containment period extended until 15 April. (Government of Monaco)

27 March 2020 –”Dear Monegasques, dear Residents, dear friends of the Principality, this crisis is far from over. It is going to affect, in one way or another, each of our families, each of our companies,” – President of the National Council of Monaco Stéphane Valeri.

27 March 2020 – “Our hospital is ready. Monaco’s authorities are fully supporting the Principality’s healthcare workers in this fight against COVID–19,” said Didier Gamerdinger, Government Counsellor – Minister of Social Affairs and Health. (Government of Monaco)

27 March 2020 – Monaco City Hall gives an update on how the city’s markets are making sure that everyone stays safe : Mairie de Monaco–Pqbv0cXON41STLA1HEjV0GD3Q-V-weVKcg&__tn__=-R

27 March 2020 – Nine new positive cases in Monaco. This brings the number of people affected by the coronavirus to 42, including one person who has already recovered. (Government of Monaco)

27 March 2020 – The ZOU bus company provides a bus service between the port of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Monaco, Menton and vice versa. This service will be running from Monday to Sunday, every half hour from 6:00 am to 8:10 pm in the direction Menton Beaulieu and from 6:30 am to 8:10 pm in the direction Beaulieu Menton. For more information: Government of Monaco

27 March 2020 – The Prince’s Government is setting up a “Home Patient Monitoring Centre”. (Government of Monaco)

27.03.2020 / 15:46 –Thanks to Monaco Pages dashboard you can follow the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in Monaco :

27.03.2020 / 15:44 – The brave volunteer dog walkers of the Monaco’s Red Cross!

27.03.2020 / 15:41 – The Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra: Today, Jean-Claude offers you to “El día me quieras” by Carlos Gardel!

27.03.2020 / 12:01 – Monaco-Monte-Carlo SNCF train station is now also disinfected. (Government of Monaco)

27.03.2020  09:10 – The SNCF offers free travel on the TGV for medical and paramedical staff – doctors, nurses and care assistants. The National Police is checking all passengers at train station entrances. Only travellers with a ticket, a derogatory travel certificate and proof of travel will be allowed to enter stations and board trains. (SNFC)

27.03.2020  09:00 –Chloroquine: The National Council of Monaco is asking the government to authorise the prescription of hydroxychloroquine for patients with COVID-19.

26.03.2020 18:50 – Two new positive coronavirus cases in Monaco. This brings the total to 33 infected people. (Government of Monaco)

26.03.2020 / 16:50 – The elected members of the Assembly are in favour of keeping the Condamine and Monte Carlo markets open, contrary to the decision taken in France. (National Council of Monaco)

26.03.2020 / 15:45 – Monaco’s police force has conducted an awareness-raising campaign among the Principality’s shopkeepers in order to remind them of the measures to be respected and put in place in their shops to protect customers. (Government of Monaco)

26.03.2020 / 15:45 – The Media Library of Monaco offers you its digital favourites. (Médiathèque de Monaco)

26.03.2020 / 13:57 – The Prince’s Palace has published a reassuring statement on the state of health of Prince Albert II who continues to work remotely. (Prince’s Palace)

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, who tested positive for COVID–19 last week, continues his quarantine period in his Palace apartments.

His Serene Highness receives daily visits from his doctors. He is followed by specialists from the Princess Grace Hospital Center (CHPG) who say that he is in good health.

Despite this forced confinement, Prince Albert continues to work from the office in his private apartments and remains in permanent contact with the members of his cabinet, his government and his closest collaborators.

His Serene Highness reminds the population of Monaco of the importance of respecting the measures of confinement and limiting contact with others.

Only the strict observance of these rules will make it possible to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

A new health statement will be issued in the coming days.

26.03.2020 / 13:48 – The Facebook group Aides pour les résidents à Monaco pendant le confinement !! now has more than 2,000 members. Are you already familiar with this system of mutual help in the Principality?

26.03.2020 / 12:48 – Here are the telephone numbers of each merchant at the Marché de la Condamine and the Marché de Monte-Carlo offering home delivery. (Mairie de Monaco)

26.03.2020 / 12:46 – How do you wear your cloth mask? 1) Wash your hands 2) Put a clean mask on your face 3) Don’t take off your mask unless you’re eating or drinking 4) Change your mask daily, wash it at 60 degrees and iron it before using again.

masque tissu

Government of Monaco

26.03.2020 / 08:34 – Despite the confinement, people can still donate blood to the patients of the Princess Grace Hospital Center. To avoid unnecessary travel, the Blood Transfusion Centre recommends that you call +377 97 98 98 20 for an appointment on Tuesdays between 8am and 2pm, Wednesdays between 10am and 3pm or Thursdays between 8am and 2pm. More info on in the “Don du Sang” section. (CHPG)

26.03.2020 / 08:30 – The Government of Monaco has set up an information centre on COVID-19 for the general public. Citizens, residents and workers may ask any questions they wish about COVID-19 by calling the number: 92 05 55 00. This line is open 7/7 days from 9am to 6pm. You can also send an e-mail to: (Government of Monaco)

26.03.2020 / 08:15 – Four new positive cases revealed in Monaco. This brings the number of people affected by the coronavirus to 31. (Government of Monaco)

25.03.2020 / 20:00 – Watch the entire interview that H.S.H. Prince Albert gave to Mr. Yann-Anthony Noghes on Monaco Info as part of the special programme “Monaco confronts COVID–19”.(Monaco Info)

25.03.2020 / 18:16 – At 7:30 pm all the bells of the churches of France and Monaco will ring for the Feast of the Annunciation. (Diocese of Monaco)

25.03.2020 / 18:13 – The National Council of Monaco calls for the first meeting of the newly set-up COVID–19 Committee as soon as possible. (National Council)

25.03.2020 / 17:10 – Tonight on Monaco Info, the Sovereign will give an interview to Yann-Antony Noghès, who is will ask the Prince questions about health. (Monaco Info)

25.03.2020 / 14:28 – Find out how Mairie de Monaco’s delivery service works. The Mairie de Monaco has extended its meals-on-wheels delivery service to seniors over 70 years old and to frail people living in the Principality.

25.03.2020 / 14:00 – The Princely Government has launched a website to answer questions from companies in financial difficulty. (Government of Monaco)

25.03.2020 / 13:55 – Are you passionate about the Ocean? Ask your questions about the Ocean on Twitter to the specialists at the Monaco Institute of Oceanography using the hashtag #VivonsLocean

25.03.2020 / 9.30 AM – Monaco Info releases some photos to honour the Principality’s pharmacists who are working tirelessly at their dispensaries. (Monaco Info)

⬧ Anne Caravel, manager of the Exotic Garden Pharmacy in Monaco, tells us how her pharmacy deals with the shortage of antibacterial gel in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

25.03.2020 / 9 AM – All visits to the Princess Grace Hospital Centre are suspended until further notice. (CHPG)

25.03.2020 / 08h55 – The Monaco Media Library is releasing extracts from texts to improve mindfulness amongst citizens in lockdown. This is an extract from the book “Relaxation and visualisation texts for a stress-free life”. (Médiathèque de Monaco)

24.03.2020 / 8.50 PM – Four new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the Principality since Sunday evening, bringing the total to 27 proven cases including one recovery. “Ten of them are hospitalised, the others are being followed up at home but not all are Monegasque residents” – Didier Gamerdinger said. (Government of Monaco)

24.03.2020 / 6.58 PM –Shibuya Productions, Monaco’s animation, video game and manga production company, is offering 500 residents a free download of “Swap Tales: Leon!” on the Apple Store and Google Play. Send an email to to receive your code. (Shibuya Productions)

24.03.2020 / 4.58 PM – The Princess Grace Hospital Centre has put an interview with Professor Atul Pathak online. Find ”Don’t stop your treatments” in the Pages Santé de Nice-Matin.(CHPG)

March 24, 2020 / 3:29 PM – The Princess Grace Hospital Centre makes an appeal for blood donations through Monaco Info, reminding residents that despite the confinement, such donations are necessary during a health crisis. (Monaco Info)

March 24, 2020 / 1h45 PM – The Prince’s Government and Monaco Council release a video to reiterate which movements are accepted in the Principality and which are not:


  • Go food shopping
  • Help a family member
  • See a doctor
  • Take your pets out
  • Get some physical exercise
  • Attend funerals

Not allowed:

  • Public, family and friendly gatherings
  • Religious celebrations
  • Personal travel in the company of several people

All movements are prohibited between 10:00 pm and 5:00 am (except to help a family member or for compelling family reasons). (Gouvernement princier)

March 24, 2020 / 1.18 PM – The President of the National Council of Monaco Stéphane Valeri gave an interview to Yann-Anthony Noghès on Monaco Info last night. Valeri spoke about the reasons why the 24 elected members of the Assembly sent an open letter to H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince. (Monaco Info)

March, 24 2020 / 11.03 AM – AS Monaco offers eSport “meetings”. A two-hour break before a 9pm broadcast of four matches that have marked the Club’s history in the Champions League. The matches are broadcast every evening at 9pm live on TwitchYoutube et Facebook. (AS Monaco)

March 24, 2020 / 10.35 AM – The agents of the Société Monégasque de l’électricité et du gaz (Monegasque Electricity and Gas Company) announced that they are mobilised to provide the services necessary for the supply of electricity in the Principality. (SMEG).

March 24, 2020 / 9.17 AM – Prince Albert II of Monaco gave an exclusive interview to the French radio station RTL last night. The Sovereign was pessimistic about the organisation of the Olympic Games in Tokyo on the scheduled date in July. “Even the Japanese government has announced that a postponement is possible, I don’t see how we can stick to the current dates”. (RTL France)

March 23, 2020 / 6.55 PM – Prince Albert II responded favourably to the National Council’s proposal to set up a joint COVID-19 monitoring group chaired by the Minister of State. (Prince’s Palace)

March 23, 2020 / 5.17 PM – Monaco’s Carabinieri will be authorised as of tomorrow to wear working clothes rather than the traditional uniform, “in order to stop the possible spread of COVID-19 and thus protect the families of the soldiers”. (Monaco Info)

March 23, 2020 / 5.17 PM – Mairie de Monaco now offers ideas for “discovering, learning, creating, keeping in shape…” during the confinement period. The “Confinement Special” section on its website offers creative workshops set up by the Media Library of Monaco, daily presentations of a plant by the team of the Exotic Garden of Monaco, culture breaks, virtual visits to dozens of museums and tourist sites around the world, and relaxation and fitness breaks with videos by the coaches of the Hercule Fitness Club. (Mairie de Monaco)

March 23, 2020 / 4.55 PM – The National Council reiterated its call for setting up a joint Government-National Council group to manage the health crisis. All 24 National Councillors unanimously signed an open letter to H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince. (Conseil National de Monaco)

March 23, 2020 / 3.51 PM – Companies based in the Principality that wish to apply temporary unemployment procedure (Chômage Total Temporaire Renforcé) to their employees can now do so online. (Government of Monaco)

March 23, 2020 / 3.51 PM – Mairie de Monaco no longer accepts requests for booking parking spots for removal vans. Due to the current situation, all parking in the Principality is free. (Mairie de Monaco)

March 23, 2020 / 12.20 PM– The streets of the Principality are now disinfected by the Société Monégasque d’Assainissement. The Government thus wishes to further strengthen measures to protect against and combat COVID-19. (Government of Monaco)

March 22, 2020 / 8.10 PM – 5 new cases in Monaco. 23 people have been declared positive, with one person cured. (Government of Monaco)

March 22, 2020 / 8.08 PM – New health measures have been imposed in all supermarkets across Monaco. These include:

  • Respect instructions from the shop
  • Trips should be done alone or as 2 people max
  • A metre distance should be respected at the till queue
  • Do not over buy so as to avoid shortages
Mesures sanitaires en supermarché

Government of Monaco

March 22, 2020 / 3.15 PM – The Principality of Monaco introduces a curfew, from 10pm until 5am. The following personal movements are now prohibited:

  • travel to purchase supplies necessary for professional activities and essential purchases in establishments and local shops authorised to receive the public
  • short journeys, close to home, related to the individual physical activity of people and the needs of pets

These restrictions on night-time travel will not apply to care and assistance personnel, security and health forces or any other person who can prove an “overriding need”, such as assistance to a vulnerable person. Offenders will be fined up to 200 euros. (Government of Monaco)

March 22, 2020 / 10 AM – The Archbishop of Monaco, Monseigneur Dominique-Marie David, addressed the Principality through a video message that you can find on the website of the Diocese of Monaco. After the message, the Archbishop chose to celebrate Mass on the fourth Sunday of Lent behind closed doors in the Cathedral of Monaco. Due to health measures, churches in Monaco are creating records of mass services so that people can take part from their homes. (Diocese of Monaco)

March 21, 2020 / 4.21 PM – ASM Basketball, AS Monaco eSports and the Monaco eSports Federation are organising an eSport charity event to fight against COVID-19. All funds generated will be sent to the Princess Grace Hospital Centre. Registration is open until Wednesday midnight (25/03/2020). Games will start at 14:00 Thursday 26/03/2020. The winners will receive prizes from our partners and sponsors. Details: Charity event ASM Basketball NBA2K.

March 21, 2020 / 3.09 PM – Taxis in Monaco will provide free transportation for those who need to travel for medical care. (Taxi Monaco)

March 20, 2020 / 8.37 PM –The Assembly confirms its request for the urgent setting up of a joint working commission with the National Council of Monaco in the context of the crisis situation relating to COVID-19. (National Council of Monaco)

March 20, 2020 / 7.28 PM – Ban with immediate effect on all access to the Principality of Monaco’s coastline and shores. Here is the exhaustive list of the sites concerned:

  • The rocks around the tip of the Monte-Carlo Sporting Club
  • Meridien Beach Plaza Private Beach
  • The Larvotto cove in its entirety
  • Portier cove
  • The embankment of Port Hercules, including the Lucciana jetty, Rainier-III quay and Promenade Stefano-Casiraghi
  • The Chemin des Pecheurs, the plage des Pecheurs and the rocks below the path of the same name.
  • The entire East embankment of Fontvieille
  • The western embankment of Fontvieille in the Monegasque part of Monaco

(Government of Monaco)

March 20, 2020 / 4.52 PM – Previous measures relating to risk areas will no longer be maintained. The Direction de l’Action Sanitaire will no longer issue a work stoppage certificate due to a return from a risk zone. Travel is no longer authorised, except in cases of justified necessity. (Government of Monaco)

March 20, 2020 / 4.38 PM – The Prince releases a message of thanks. Prince Albert II was “touched by the many expressions of sympathy which have reached him from all over the world.” The Sovereign is the first Head of State in the world to be affected by the virus. (Prince’s Palace)

March 20, 2020 / 4.28 PM – The Hercule Fitness Club offers several videos to train at home. Watch the videos here.

March 20, 2020 / 4.17 PM – The Prince’s Government presents additional measures to support the national economy. (Government of Monaco)

March 20, 2020 / 2.38 PM – Monaco Council announces their support for Monegasque traders. The decision has been taken to exempt shopkeepers making rent payments or usage fees for the month of March in order to support them during the health crisis. (Mairie de Monaco)

March 20, 2020 – AS Monaco coach Robert Moreno reveals his team’s current situation. To ensure his players don’t lose the momentum of the past eight months of Ligue 1, and in anticipation of the return to the pitch, the Spanish coach speaks about this particular training context. (AS Monaco)

March 19, 2020 – National Council of Monaco voted unanimously to support the fight against COVID-19 and to accompany the Monegasque population in this unprecedented health crisis. (National Council of Monaco)

March 19, 2020 – The Princess Grace Hospital Centre (CHPG) has restructured itself in response to the outbreak. Two emergency rooms and two units have been specially dedicated to coronavirus cases, as well as two intensive care units. (CHPG)

March 18, 2020The Audiovisual Institute of Monaco invites you to watch some of the “snapshots” shown during the screenings of “Tout l’Art du Cinéma”. The fourth one is entitled “The French Cup in Monaco” and was filmed in 1960. You can sign up via this link.