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Coronavirus in Monaco: daily update

Monaco coronavirus


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Every morning, read all Covid-19 news selected by Monaco Tribune. 


For the fourth consecutive day, no new Covid-19 cases detected in Monaco.

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  • To date, 93 people have been infected with the novel coronavirus.
  • 15 people have now recovered.
  • 8 people are hospitalised.
  • 2 of them are in intensive care.
  • 101 people are self-isolating at home and are monitored by doctors


“We are going to distribute two washable and reusable masks over one month to all the residents of the Principality”

Didier Gamerdinger, Government Counsellor – Minister of Social Affairs and Health.

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“Our Marshall plan to stimulate the economy is the proposed amended budget. When we put together the additional expenditure and the revenue shortfall, we arrive at an estimated figure of 500 M€, i.e. a third of the Monaco’s State budget”

Jean Castellini, Government Counsellor – Minister for Finance and the Economy.

“You’re the real heroes”

Two AS Monaco Basket players, Paul Lacombe and Yakuba Ouattara sent their message of support to the caregivers of the Princess Grace Hospital Centre in Monaco.

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« Many people are on the front line every day in dealing with the crisis, including hospital staff and Red Cross volunteers, and I wish, on behalf of the whole Club, to pay them all the tribute they deserve »

Oleg Petrov, AS Monaco’s Vice President and General Manager.

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All residents of the Principality will receive a mask: The aim is to distribute masks free of charge to all residents and employees of the Principality. For the 38,000 residents, the Government has decided to rely on the manufacture of approved, washable and reusable fabric masks. It has acquired the entire “made in Monaco” production: the 800 day masks manufactured by the Banana Moon company and 80,000 masks ordered from the Bettina company produced at a rate of 1,000 per day and soon 2,000. To this quota is added the order of 120,000 fabric masks from two Italian companies.

From tomorrow, distribution will start for people over 65 years old by teams from the Monaco City Council who already manage the distribution of meals at home. Each person will receive two washable and reusable masks free of charge for one month.

All other residents of the Principality will soon receive the same pack of masks, this time by post.

As far as employees are concerned, the Government will register requests for masks from the various branches of activity. Companies will purchase these single-use surgical masks at cost price. Presumably, the Louis II Stadium will serve as a collection point for their orders.

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These single-use masks will also be sold in authorised pharmacies and shops at a price that the State has decided to set at 2.5 € for surgical masks and 7.5 € for FPP2 masks.

The prospect of serological testing is getting closer: As far as screening tests are concerned, the Principality continues to carry out, on a daily basis, in conjunction with the French sector, from 10 to 50 so-called PCR rhinopharyngeal tests.

The health authorities are currently checking the conformity of the first 1,000 serological tests. 30,000 are on their way from Germany (already with a 20,000 restocking) and 30,000 have been ordered in China.

As soon as their reliability has been confirmed, they will be used on a large scale, in the coming weeks, among the resident population and employees, whether symptomatic or not, according to modalities that have yet to be defined.

Prince Albert II visits the Covid-19 Call Centre and the Home Monitoring Centre: The Home Monitoring Centre provides daily medical follow-up by telephone and also offers psychological counselling, as well as logistical support thanks to the resources of the Monegasque Red Cross. The Call and Home Monitoring Centres are open 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm. The Call Centre can be reached by telephone on and by e-mail:

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“Light It Blue”: Last night, the Prince’s Palace was illuminated with a blue light as a tribute to the caretakers and those on the front line in the fight against Covid-19. This support campaign, which originated in the United States at the beginning of the pandemic, is called “Light It Blue” and consists of illuminating buildings and well-known monuments with blue light.

University of Monaco students will restart classes in September: The 530 students will take their exams online. “This will be a first for us, these remote evaluations, which raise several technical questions. One of them is that of making sure that it is the student who is composing behind the screen.“, saidJean-Philippe Muller, University Director.

#StrongTogether: Princess Charlene’s mask initiative : Princess Charlene of Monaco and her brother Gareth set up an initiative through her Foundation aiming to provide protective cloth masks free of charge. The first masks were distributed this week to shopkeepers and their customers in the Principality.

AS Monaco donates €50,000 and launches campaign to support Covid-19 fight : AS Monaco is mobilising to support those who are working on a daily basis to deal with Covid-19. The football club is offering an initial donation of 50,000 euros and is launching an online collection of donations via its AS Monacoeur charity program programme.

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