Prince Albert II rallies for world to protect the oceans

Prince Albert II rallies for world to protect the oceans
Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

This year’s World Oceans Day, taking place June 8th, Prince Albert II of Monaco spoke about the preservation of the oceans.

“Since the coronavirus epidemic hit our countries, communities and families, we have seen our oceans change. These changes are full of meaning and hope,” said Prince Albert II in a video released on June 8th, World Ocean Day. The message was broadcast from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation website, a charity which works to protect the environment.

Progress must continue

“In a few weeks, we have seen that changes in our lifestyles had immediate consequences on the state of the seas”, continued the Prince, citing changes such as “clearer waters because they are less polluted, species reappearing in formerly deserted areas, ecosystems regaining some of their health”. It is a positive, albeit delicate observation. For the Sovereign, it is essential not to return to a trajectory that is “selfish and destructive, which has damaged the marine environment so severely.”

The Prince, therefore, encouraged viewers to combat plastic pollution and to commit to “the development of sustainable fishing and fish farming”, the extension of marine protected areas and the “promotion of truly sustainable tourism”. These objectives can be achieved with the help of young people, who must be made more aware than ever of the need to protect the oceans. “We must all ready ourselves so that the oceans are at the heart of the world that we rebuild,” he concluded.