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Covid-19: Here’s why you should get vaccinated against the flu

Gustavo Fring / Pexels

The Government is urging citizens to get a flu jab in order to take the pressure off medical facilities and testing centres.


Monaco’s flu jab campaign begins a new phase. To inaugurate it, 4 members of the Government got vaccinated against the seasonal flu. In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Government is urging the entire Monaco population to get tested. Residents should get a vaccine from one of Monaco’s labs. The vaccine can be administered by either a pharmacist or a nurse.

Taking the pressure off doctors

While they are caused by two different viruses, the seasonal flu and Covid-19 share similar symptoms, including fatigue, fever, coughing, and muscle ache. “It will be easier to diagnose people who have such symptoms if they have been vaccinated against the flu,” explains the Government. A flu jab will also reduce the pressure put on doctors, as well as the number of unnecessary PCR tests and superfluous quarantines.

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