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“Champion for Peace”: Monaco’s Peace and Sports honours Lionel Messi with title

Lionel Messi
Peace and Sport

The Monaco-based Peace and Sport organisation awarded FC Barcelona’s striker the title of “Champion for Peace” during a pre-recorded prize-giving event. 


Like the previous title holders, Messi is known for his fair play and his social commitment.

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“This award rewards not only his fair play, respect and tolerance on the football pitch but also his commitment to children’s rights. These are values that make him a role model and can pave the way for a fairer and more inclusive society,” said Joël Bouzou, president and founder of Peace and Sport.

Lionel Messi’s sporting achievement is paramount

Prince Albert II

Setting a good example, on and off the pitch

Prince Albert II announced the winner of the “Champion for Peace”  award through a video recorded in the Princely Palace. “The example of Champions performing and playing fair on the field is of utmost importance to influence the youth,” said the Sovereign. Messi warmly thanked Peace and Sport for the award. “Respect towards others is something I have learnt when I was a kid, and I have always tried to apply this important value on the football pitch. It’s a pleasure to be recognised for being a fair player.”

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The organisation praised Messi’s social commitment off the pitch. Through his Foundation, Leo Messi promotes education and social inclusion for disadvantaged children from around the world, particularly in Spain, Argentina, Mozambique, Palestine, Kenya, Syria, and Nepal.