Looking for a unique Christmas present? Why not adopt a fish

Poissons clowns
Musée Océanographique de Monaco

If you’re lacking inspiration, the Friends of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco have come up with a rather original present. Not only is the present plastic- and wrapping-free, but it also helps preserve Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas.


The benefit of sponsoring a fish include unlimited access to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco for a year, a certificate formalising the sponsorship, the animal’s identity card, and regular updates on your chosen fish throughout the year. Since 2013, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco lets you adopt a fish. Wannabe fish parents can choose between various categories of sponsorship, with various price tags. Further details about the offer are available on the Friends of the Oceanographic Museum website.

From clownfish to jellyfish

Fish sponsors can choose between five different species: clownfish, Aurelia Aurita jellyfish, Little Dogfish shark, golden seahorse, and Pterapogon. “Once you commit to the sponsorship, you can go to the Oceanographic Museum, choose the fish, and create a special bond with it,” Aurore Negro, Executive Secretary of the Friends of the Oceanographic Museum, told Monaco Info.

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