All French businesses, save restaurants, have now reopened. We went to see how things are looking at Nicetoile, the main shopping centre in Nice.

“The clients who came, really did come with the intention of buying something,” says Patrick Nolier, director of the Nicetoile shopping centre. Amongst other things, Nolier told us about the reopening of the shopping centre and why he thinks December is a crucial month for all French businesses.

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From monitoring the number of people in the building, to hand sanitisers for all, and the compulsory wearing of masks from the age of 11, Nicetoile isn’t taking any chances now that France is slowly but steadily opening up once again, following a month-long lockdown.

“December won’t help us catch up with all of our 2020 losses, however it will help us save businesses and it will save jobs,” says Patrick Nolier.