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Covid-19: Monaco reports another victim, Côte d’Azur almost overwhelmed


A 6pm curfew has been introduced as cases rise along the entirety of the Côte d’Azur. Recording 1,092 cases since the pandemic began, Monaco is also suffering from Covid-19.


In both France and Monaco, authorities are paying close attention to the impact of the festive period on the transmission of Covid-19. Figures are rising in the Principality. Tuesday 12 January saw 25 new positive cases recorded. A 75 year old woman also died that day. She is the seventh person residing in Monaco to have died since the pandemic began. Four of these deaths were in 2021.

Across the border, figures for the Alpes-Maritime region do not make for pleasant reading either. The infection rate (number of positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants) has reached 436. The rate of positivity (number of positive cases compared to total persons tested) is also increasing.

We are trying to avoid cancelling operations. That being said, we may have to close some operating theatres. Postponing non-urgent surgery would free up staff.

Anthony Valdez, Director of care within the Regional Health Authority

Can hospitals in the Alpes-Maritime region cope?

The rate of hospitalisation needs to reduce. Otherwise, in the next ten days, measures to increase hospital capacity will have to be implemented. 86% of hospital beds are currently occupied by Covid patients, according to the Regional Health Authority.

Faced with a rise in patients and a lack of beds, University hospitals in Nice are concerned about a lack of nurses. “We have almost reached full capacity in Grasses and Antibes. For the moment, there are still beds available in Cannes.”